Gold wise-man Mold

Gold wise-man Mold

Gold wise-man Mold

Gold wise-man Mold

Gold wise-man Mold
Gold wise-man Mold
Gold wise-man MoldGold wise-man Mold Gold wise-man Mould - Nativity Scene Christmas Chocolate Moulds

cod. decosil4030

The three kings – Melchiorre

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Gold wise-man - The three kings - Melchiorre chocolate mold

Christmas Chocolate Nativity Scene Molds


Type of mold: 2 parts
Dimensions of the subject: b cm 4,5 x h cm 8,5 x p cm 3,5
Dimensions of the mold: b cm 8,7/7 x h cm 10 x p cm 6,7
n° of subjects per mold: 1
Weight of the mold: approximately 0,491 kg.

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