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LINEAGUSCIO Silicone molds for ice cream decoration, gelato tubs and ice cream cakes

LINEAGUSCIO Silicone molds for ice cream decoration, gelato tubs and ice cream cakes

Silicone food molds for ice cream, ideal for applying new techniques in decorative ice cream, confectionery, frozen confectionery, ice cream cakes, frozen desserts.

The line includes LINEAGUSCIO molds for stick-ice cream, to create different geometric shapes.

The decoration implements the aesthetic appearance of their handmade creations.

The right approach to increase and satisfy their customers.

Peach Flowers Egg Mold
105,00 +VAT
Raspberry Mousse
Chocolate Igloo Half-Sphere mold
48,00 +VAT
Roses Sphere mold
89,00 +VAT
Lemon Mousse
Ice Cream Crocodile Big Egg Mold
229,00 +VAT
kit 2 pcs.
Easter Hearts Egg mold
105,00 +VAT
Daisies Egg Mold
109,00 +VAT
Easter Chick Egg mold
179,00 +VAT
LINEAGUSCIO® Thermoformed Egg Mold
32,00 +VAT
kit of 2 pieces
LINEAGUSCIO Thermoformed Sphere Mold
32,00 +VAT
Kit of 2 pieces
Thermoformed Big Egg Mold
36,00 +VAT
kit of 2 pieces

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