Roses Sphere mold

Roses Sphere mold

Roses Sphere mold

Roses Sphere mold
Roses Sphere mold
Roses Sphere mold Roses Sphere mold sphere chocolate molds Roses

cod. decosil12601

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LINEAGUSCIO® Roses Sphere  chocolate sphere molds

 Step by Step


It will be exciting to create your own Christmas chocolate ornaments and decorations which chase all over the entire surface. It will seem that the bauble has been hand-carved with high-reliefs and low-reliefs which will produce a three-dimensional sculptural effect. 


To use the LINEAGUSCIO® silicone molds (Bell, Pine, Sphere, Egg) it is necessary to combine the thermoformed articles, consisting of 2 rigid parts needed to sustain the shells of silicone. The Thermoformed is a separate article and so it must be purchased separately. It is also interchangeable, so you can use it with all the shells of the same shape. 
The LINEAGUSCIO® molds are an exclusive patent decosil® 
To use the LINEAGUSCIO® molds you must have at least one thermoformed Kit

Code 12600 Thermoformed Sphere Mold kit of 2 pieces

decosil® do not leaves anything to chance, adding to the spheres, eggs and pine a dedicated support to pack them in the best way.

Base Sphere Code 12604

The base is a separate article and so it must be purchased separately 


Type of mold: 2 parts
Dimensions of the subject: diameter cm 13 
Dimensions of the mold: diameter cm 14
n° of subjects per mold: 1
Weight of the mold: approximately 0,452 kg.

Step by Step

decosil® non lascia nulla al caso, corredando le Sfere LINEAGUSCIO® di un apposito supporto per confezionarle: Base Sfera Cod. Art. 12604 
La Base è un articolo a se stante, e come tale va acquistato a parte.

LINEAGUSCIO® è un brevetto esclusivo decosil®.


Lemon Mousse Recipe  



LEMON JUICE        500 g

SUGAR                   60 g

FISH GLUE              32 g




Prepare the LINEAGUSCIO® mold, code 12601 and 12600.

Heat 250 g of lemon juice and dissolve the fish glue already softened, add the sugar and then the remaining 250 gr. of lemon juice, incorporate all to the meringue and then gently add the whipped cream.

Now, with a pastry bag, carefully pour the mousse into decosil mold and let stand for at least one hour in the blast chiller.

When the mousse crystallization is completed, remove the thermoformed mold by pushing delicately the silicone locks.

Finally gently remove the silicone mold from the bottom to the top of the Bell as if you were peeling an orange.

Put back in the blast chiller to better cool the surface. Serve on a serving plate decorated at will.

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