Ideabrill® Food Paper


The Freshness-keeper

The wrapping and envelope by Ideabrill® freshness keeper are the perfect products for any food, because it allows you to wrap the best, thanks to the excellent crease endurance.
Available in various sizes and thicknesses to adapt to every sector.


The Taste-exposer

The Taste-exposer combines the freshness with a careful and original presentation: in fact, it can be heat-sealed at the instant and, thanks to their transparent stripe, wider than the previous version, it allows the customer to see the content inside. You can find the version with the middle stripe, more useful in bakery sector and butcher shop, or the version with sidestripe, which was launched in the dairy sector. This packaging is an eco-friendly patent: in fact after using just a simple gesture to separate the basic components, paper and plastic film, and recycling.

The taste-locker

Ideabrill® grows and becomes stronger. The taste-locker, unlike the classic bag Ideabrill® classic bag, is formed from a damp-resistant kraft, so it can be handled with wet hands, and it has an higher grammage to contain also heavy food.
Atro plus is given from the bottom of the bag, which is not simply glued but heat-sealed, to ensure an optimum seal also in liquids.
The basic components can be separated for recycling.


It is a completely biodegradable freshness-keeper, according to the European standards EN 13432/PARTE 2. The secret is in the special coupling of a pure cellulose kraft and treated biodegradable film of a treaty.

To respect the environment, we use the kraft avana, the only really natural paper, because untreated. We have chosen as supplier PAPETERIE DE GASCOGNE because it is a certified paper mill that practices reforestation.

It keeps longer than a normal wrapping and it is perfect for meats, dairy products, and take-away food.

11,50 +VAT
Trial offer Contains with Style Test Blister pack for PASTRY CHEF

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