decoStick® Finger Food Ice Cream

decoStick® Finger Food Ice Cream

We produce for Italy and abroad decostick® finger food ice cream. Italian leaders of silicone moulds, we create and sell for over 10 years decostick® finger food ice cream, food safe silicone moulds worldwide to confectioners, bakeries and Delicatessens.

 decoStick® Finger Food Ice Cream


Food silicone moulds line dedicated to the creation of subjects or geometric shapes supported by sticks to get a walking snack or dessert.
It can be used with liquid products like chocolate, sugar, mousse, Bavarian, popsicles, fruit jellies such as ice cream or paste, marzipan, tartare meat, fish, cheese or vegetarian.
decoStick® food silicone mould  is composed by two parts: a base of a soft translucent silicone and black silicone stiffer stripe of closure, which gives greater stability to the mould, it locks solidly and it supports the stick. It allows you to fill the mould with pasty products without the stick moves, preventing leakage of liquid and it allows you to extract the subject from the mould easily without deforming. In the lower part of the decoStick® mould there are partial cracks that allow a faster cooling of the compounds in the blast chiller.

Utilization sectors

Mini cake with creams, mousse, Victoria sponge
and many other ingredients in snacks on stick
Fresh fruit jellies with or without a crunchy chocolate topping.

Ice cream snack or semifreddo, simple or
crispy coated. Mini popsicle with fresh fruit or with syrup.

Chocolate and dried fruit snacks.
Simple or coated cremino snacks with

chocolate or decorated with crunchy,
sugar or honey with nuts or seeds. Fruit jellies
fruit coated with chocolate or sugar.

Uncooked or cooked snacks on a stick
ideal for buffet service.
Nice preparations on a stick
for children menu.
Design complements for aperitifs and appetizers.
Design complements for modern desserts.
Mini popsicle of fresh fruit or other ingredients
for innovative cocktails.

90,00 +VAT
multiple mold 10 subjects
100,00 +VAT
multiple mold 10 subjects
100,00 +VAT
multiple mold 10 objects
135,00 +VAT
multiple mold 5 mixed subjects
100,00 +VAT
multiple molds 10 subjects
125,00 +VAT
multiple mold 5 mixed subjects
89,00 +VAT
multiple mold 24 subjects
130,00 +VAT
multiple 5 subjects mixed
105,00 +VAT
multiple mold 24 subjects
115,00 +VAT
multiple mold 5 different objects: elephant - hippo - monkey - lion - sna...

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