Ciocco Hazelnuts Ice Cream Skullcap mold
Ciocco Hazelnuts Ice Cream Skullcap mold
Ciocco Hazelnuts Ice Cream Skullcap mold
Ciocco Hazelnuts Ice Cream Skullcap mold
Ciocco Hazelnuts Ice Cream Skullcap moldCiocco Hazelnuts Ice Cream Skullcap moldCiocco Hazelnuts Ice Cream Cake mold

cod. decosil14504

Molds for ice-cream parlours

EUR 90,00 + VAT

mold type: 1 face
Subject dimensions: diameter cm 15 x h cm 10,4  
mold dimensions: diameter cm 16,5 x h cm 11  
No of subjects per mold: 1
mold weight: approximately 0,661 kg. 





1. Follow the procedure working with silicone gloves and with the cold mold. Before use, place the silicone mold in a blast chiller or freezer and leave it for 20'.

For a optimizing result, speeding the production steps and for a better design definition (even after the delivery of the finished sweet) it is recommended to brush over the entire inner surface of the mold, a thin layer of coated chocolate (white, milk or dark chocolate not pre-crystallized) melted at 35-38° C. Then lay down the molds brushed with chocolate in the freezer, or better in the blast chiller at -40° C.


1. To get a perfect result with our molds, spread a thin shirt (approximately 1 cm) of parfait on the entire inner surface of the mold pressing firmly against the walls to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Place the molds in a blast at -40° C for a few minutes. Alternatively, it is also possible for the parfait proceed as with the ice-cream cake, forming a thin layer of chocolate is not pre-crystallized over the entire inner surface of the mold.

2. Proceed to the assembly of the cake as usual, alternating layers of ice cream with Victoria sponge, meringues, crispy biscuits, sauces and toppings.

3.  After the assemblement, you position in the bottom layers of Victoria sponge, meringues, crispy cookies and let all stabilize in a blast chiller at -40° C until the complete hardening of the product. We advise you to place the molds inside the chiller on the grids or perforated trays to accelerate mold's cooling.

4. When the cake is frozen, remove it from the mold proceeding as if you were "peeling a banana" turning the mold upside down. After the extraction, you replace the mold in the original form and proceed with the execution of another cake; using the mold already cold, processing time decreases.

New decorative techniques for ice-cream, confectionery, frozen confectionery, ice cream cakes, frozen desserts.

The decoration implements the aesthetic appearance of own handmade creations.

The right approach to increase and satisfy own customers.


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