decoStick Wood Chocolate Lollies Mold
decoStick Wood Chocolate Lollies Mold
decoStick Wood Chocolate Lollies MolddecoStick Wood Chocolate Lollies MoldLollipop chocolate molds - decoStick Wood Chocolate Lollies Mold

cod. decosil14012

multiple mold 5 mixed subjects

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decoStick® Wood - Chocolate Lollies Mold

multiple mold 5 mixed subjects

Lollipop chocolate molds

decoStick for chocolate-praline sticks.
Snack of chocolate with nuts and chocolate creams simply decorated or covered with chocolate sprinkles or crispy.

Multiple mold to 5 fingerprints to create chocolate on a stick in animal shape:
Wolf - bear - owl - curly - fox

The innovative decoStick molds for chocolate allow to obtain quickly and effortlessly with chocolates on a stick amaizing and irresistible decoration for young and old.


Mold type: multiple 1 face
Subject dimensions: MAX b cm 6,7 x h cm 6,5 x p cm 2,3
Mold dimensions: b cm 39 x h cm 10,8 x p cm 2,3
n° of subject per mold: 5
Mold weight: approximately 0,824 kg.

Chocolate OWL subject weight 53 g.

Chocolate PORCUPINE subject weight 37 g.

Chocolate WOLF subject weight 43 g.

Chocolate BEAR subject weight 59 g.

Chocolate FOX subject weight 45 g.

Step by Step

An idea by Gabriele Bozio

for decosil® becomes a lollipop molds collection for creating geometrically shaped finger food with stick, both for standing buffet or table.

These molds can be used with liquid products such as
chocolate, sugar, mousse, bavarian cake mixture, icicle, jellies fruit

or pasty products as
ice cream, marzipan and meat, fish or vegetarian tartare.

decoStick® is a food silicone mold composed by two parts: a soft translucent silicone base and a harder black silicone detachable lock which gives a greater stability to the mold.

Moreover, the latter, solidly blocks and supports the stick and allows to fill the mold with pasty products, prevents the fluid materials leakage, allowing to easily extract the subject from the mold without deforming it.

In the lower part of the decoStick® mold there are provided partial fissures that facilitate the faster cooling of the compounds in the blast chiller.


How to make chocolate amimal faces lollipops
The Step by Step video instructions to create chocolate animal faces lollipops

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