silicone mold High Boots with buckles
silicone mold High Boots with buckles
silicone mold High Boots with buckles
silicone mold High Boots with buckles
silicone mold High Boots with bucklessilicone mold High Boots with bucklesFashion Accessories Chocolate molds, chocolate silicone mold high boots, 3d chocolate shoe molds, forms of chocolate shoes

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silicone mold High Boots with buckles

food grade contact 3D silicone mold shaped High Boots with buckles

Since the shoes for a woman are never too many and that usually a woman is fond of fashion, with decosil find the right idea for the Women's Day gift is easy!

The fashion line molds dedicated to fashion accessories, designed by the decosil designer, is one of the our ideas that has met most successful all around the world.

With chocolate Boots decosil exalt three times the "TASTE"

we go to realize the all female desire for aesthetics, savor the pleasure of the receipt surprise  and satisfy, at the same time, her palate.

Never as for a woman is the rule:

The pleasure of taste is savored first with the eyes

so our advice is

Savor with the eyes and then taste!


Mold type: 2 faces
Subject dimensions: b cm 11,5 x h cm 19 x p cm 5,8
Mold dimensions: b cm 15 x h cm 22 x p cm 7
Mold Weight: approx 0,746 kg. + plex 0,236 kg.

Weight of the object made in chocolate: about 200 g. = 7.05479 oz.


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