Yule log Cake mold
Yule log Cake mold
Yule log Cake mold
Yule log Cake mold
Yule log Cake mold
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cod. decosil14502

EUR 90,00 + VAT

Type of mold: 1 part 
Dimensions of the subject: b cm 17,7 x h cm 6 x p cm 10,2  
Dimensions of the mold: b cm 20,8 x h cm 7 x p cm 13,8 
n° of subjects per mold: 1 
Weight of the mold: approximately 0,678 kg.



Prosecco semifreddo Yule log cake with semi-candied apricot 

Ingredients for 2 cakes 

For prosecco semifreddo

Prosecco Zabaglione 160 g.

Italian Meringue 240 g.

Whipped cream 600 g.

For apricot semifreddo 

Apricot fresh purée 250 g.

Prosecco Zabaglione 50 g.

Italian Meringue 200 g.

Whipped cream 500 g.

For the finishing 

Semi-candied apricots 400 g.

Classic biscuits 250 g. 

Syrup for apricot and prosecco semifreddo 100 g. 

Prepare the prosecco semifreddo, mix the zabaglione with Italian meringue, then lighten with the whipped cream; spread with a spatula a thin layer (approx. 1 cm.) of prosecco semifreddo on the entire inner surface pushing with the spatula against the sides to adhere the mixture to the mold. Stabilize the layer inside the blast chiller at -40 °C; in the meantime prepare also the apricot semifreddo, combine the purée with the zabaglione and the Italian meringue, then lighten with the whipped cream. Assemble the product alternating the layers of the two semifreddi with some pieces of candied apricot. Smooth the mixture and finally lay down on the base a layer of classic biscuit dipped with syrup for semifreddi. Put the molds on a grill and in the blast chiller at -40 °C to stabilize them. Only when perfectly frozen demold the Yule log and finish as you like with chocolate decorations, shiny glazes or spray velvet effect.    

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